Lee Firkins is innocent
Another Miscarriage of Justice!
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A small campaign begins.....
Friends and family of the Firkins brothers are appealing for anyone who knows anything about this case to let them know.  There must be someone out there who knows about Graham Fisher's background, and whether the police where right when they called these murders "planned and personal".
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The Cell Confession
The campaign is barred by order of the Court of Appeal from identifying the man who claimed to hear the cell confession.  The Crown Prosecution Service will not even reply to letters asking them if they will lift this ban. 
But many people in the prison system know who he is, and so do people in the commmunity. If anyone can add any information about his present activities, whether he has informed on anyone else, and whether he continues to lead a "charmed life" with police protection, please contact Lee Firkins' solicitors, Hickman & Rose
Progress is slow
Justice in the middle ages
In olden days the English would put an animal on trial.  Executing a "scapegoat" made them feel better.
Mature thinkers
Now we know better.  We need mature politicians, editors and police to let it be known that there are some crimes that cannot be solved
But everyone matters
Wasted lives
The cruel death of Carol and Graham Fisher was truly horrible event
Wasted lives
Convicting Lee and Robert Firkins without finding credible evidence of their guilt is also horrible