Lee Firkins is innocent
Another Miscarriage of Justice!
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The perfect candidates?
The Firkins brothers came to police attention when they committed a series of crimes in Essex, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall in November and December 2003, twice involving the use of a shotgun.  They had committed robberies, thefts and assaults.  The brothers left an astonishing trail of clues behind them - fingerprints, DNA, CCTV images, footprints and fibres. 
Devon and Cornwall Police became aware of their presence shortly before Christmas 2003.  The Firkins brothers seemed likely candidates for the Wadebridge murders - gun users, living locally with family connections near Wadebridge.
A raid was carried at the house in Weston Super Mare where the brothers were living with their partners and children.  Afterr arresting the two brothers the police searched the house and the vehicles the brothers had been using with a fine tooth comb.  No expense was spared in looking for evidence.
The police found ample evidence to link the brothers to every one of their crimes in Essex and the South West.  They had left DNA, footprints, fingerprints and CCTV images.  They still had clothing they had worn at various crime scenes, and vehicles used to commit robberies.  They were the ultimate forensically naive criminals.
But the police could find no DNA, fingerprints or fibres, or anything else whatsoever to connec them to the Wadebridge murders.
The Firkins brothers asked for every single item in the Fisher's cottage to be DNA tested, confident that they had never been there.  Nothing was ever found to link them to the crime.
Whoever killed the Fishers was extensively bloodstained.  All the vehicles used by the Firkins brothers were seized and tested...not a trace of blood
How did the killers get in and out of the Fishers' cottage without leaving a trace?  By using a high level of forensic sophistication.  Yet the Firkins were forensic blunderers shedding clues wherever they went.