Lee Firkins is innocent
Another Miscarriage of Justice!
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Lee Firkins
Lee Firkins is no angel and nor is his brother.  This is why they were perfect suspects for the murder of Carol and Graham Fisher at Perch Garage, Wadebridge, on 5 November 2003.  This page deals frankly with their background.
Lee and Robert Firkins - the background
The brothers were born in Colchester, Robert in 1972 and Lee two years later.  As children they were victims of violence and neglect.   Neither boy completed schooling, and their prospects were appallingly damaged.    By the age of 13 Lee was homeless and living on the streets of London. 
As adults, their lives were chaotic and deeply troubled.  Robert Firkins is a placid character but Lee was a tougher case.  He had a violent streak which brought him to police attention on several occasions.   Both became involved in using and selling drugs.  During 2003 they fell foul of criminals in London.  Their response was to move with their families to Weston-Super-Mare where their father lived. 
Here they set up home.  They had relatives living in Cornwall not far from Wadebridge who they visited regularly.  One of their visits took place on 5th November 2003, the evening of the Wadebridge murders.  
There was nothing whatsoever to connect Lee and Robert Firkins to the Wadebridge murders.  But their records meant that they were perfect candidates for a police force bewildered and under considerable pressure to come up with a result.   
Lee and Robert say that the Wadebridge crimes – the murder of a late middle aged couple in a remote cottage in Cornwall – were despicable crimes that they did not commit.  Although they were violent, their criminality was directed towards other young males, not to older people.  They had an alibi.  They had been in possession of shotguns but these were recovered by police and tested and found not to be the murder weapons.
Nothing was found on or near the Firkins brothers connecting them to the crime.  How then were they convicted of crimes which no-one saw committed? 

This website details how convictions were obtained on a murder which no-one saw committed, against men who were never linked forensically in any way to the crime.